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The Responsibilities of a Professional Organizer
4 months ago


A professional organizer is challenged by clutter in your home. Once they get into your home, the first thing they do is to have a mental note of your collection to figure out what type of collector you are. They try to figure out what takes up much of your space for them to know how to streamline the items accordingly.


They first notice the coat rack if it is full. Of course, this is given that you don't only have one jacket. That's why it's important for you to keep in the closet those coats or clothes that are not in season for you to avoid the clutter.

They also check on your countertops if they are cluttered. You need to deal with your clutter for you to have enough space for chopping. If this is happening to you, it means that you drawers and cabinets don't have enough storage and that you need to spend time to take out those that are unnecessary. It's not advisable to store everything. The tools and equipment that you use every day have to be put on the countertop for easy access. An example of these is the blender.


If you are wondering about the responsibilities of a personal organizer, you have to be aware that there are three categories of them namely home office organization, corporate organization, and residential organization. Such classifications often include several potential services that can overlap every now and then. Professional organizers can help you in your home organization in many ways such as addressing a cluttered playroom by finding them the right nooks and crannies for the scattered toys. The organizer can also tackle the attic, garage, or basement that is bombarded with clutter. A home organizer is also able to help in many life-changing situations like downsizing a home, moving to a new place, or merging multiple households.


There are also professional organizers that focus more in helping you reconstruct your business environment. Such professionals may be able to add goal setting, time management, and many other issues on workflow. They all can help in file management whether physical or electronic. It could be that they would address space design issues and complications. There are times when office organizers are hired to help the entire office or department. Before you hire any professional office organizer, you better check on several aspects first such as training and certification, subcontracting policies, time estimate, fee systems, and others.

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